The Bloody Seamen are the premier Pirate-Rock band in the Pittsburgh area, previously awarded “Best live Band in Pittsburgh” by Backallie Music.

Their music ranges from traditional a cappella shanties to blistering, bombastic rock n’ roll. By blending punk, metal, celtic, traditional and good old-fashioned rock n’ roll with the golden age of piracy, their music can be matched only by their stage shows which have been known to include bagpipes, pistols, swordplay, fisticuffs, fire-breathing, rum-swilling, and all sorts of high-seas skullduggery.

With songs including “Drinking and Fighting”, “Who Pissed in the Rum”, and “Amateur Night”, this is not your kiddo’s pirate band.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lords and Lassies… PREPARE TO BE BOARDED!!

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